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Adult emergencies
Adult emergencies
022 305 07 77
Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and weekends and holidays from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
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Paediatric emergencies
Paediatric emergencies
022 305 05 55
Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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Medical practitioners at the Clinique des Grangettes =
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Aestetic medecine Dr Amico Andrea
Aestetic medecine Dr Friedli André
Anaesthesiology Dr Aldenkortt Marc
Anaesthesiology Dr Cartier Faessler Vanessa
Anaesthesiology Dr Chassot Di Dio Véronique
Anaesthesiology Dr Höhn Laurent
Anaesthesiology Dr Inan Cigdem
Anaesthesiology Dr Limacher Stern Florence
Anaesthesiology Dr Nanan-Jequier Sheila
Anaesthesiology Dr Pannatier Michel
Anaesthesiology Dr Parisod Eric
Anaesthesiology Dr Praplan Jacqueline
Angiology Dr Bonvini Robert, PD
Angiology Dr Favre Olivier
Assisted reproductive technology Dr Bianchi Movarekhi Patrizia, PD
Assisted reproductive technology Dr Bourrit Blaise
Assisted reproductive technology Dr Ibéchéole Victoria
Assisted reproductive technology Dr Mock Pascal
Assisted reproductive technology Dr Pirek Miroslav
Brazelton Center Dr Bruschweiler-Stern Nadia
Breast surgery Dr Brunelli Roche Anne-Patricia
Breast surgery Dr Monnier Sindy
Breast surgery Dr Stuckelberger Pierre
Breast surgery Dr Wespi Yves
Cardiac and thoracic vascular surgery Dr Lahlaidi Sierra Nadia
Cardiac and thoracic vascular surgery Dr Myers Patrick, PD
Cardiac and thoracic vascular surgery Dr Panos Aristote, PD
Cardiac and thoracic vascular surgery Dr Sierra Jorge
Cardiac imaging Dr Fassa-Ashrafpoor Golmehr
Cardiology Dr Bonvini Robert, PD
Cardiology Dr Bustos Diana
Cardiology Dr Chappuis François
Cardiology Dr Chatelain Pascal, PD
Cardiology Dr Conti Letizia
Cardiology Dr Elamly Ahmed
Cardiology Prof. Gaspoz Jean-Michel
Cardiology Dr Metzger Jacques T.
Cardiology Dr Perret Xavier
Cardiology Dr Ricou François
Cardiology Dr Schroft Søgaard Andreas Carl
Cardiology Dr Senouf David
Cardiology Dr Varotto Laura
Child and adolescent psychiatry Dr Bruschweiler-Stern Nadia
Dermatology Dr Friedli André
Diabetology Dr Jaafar Jaafar
Diabetology Dr Peter-Riesch Bettina
Dietetics Marmillod Sarah
Dietetics Repond Barbara
Digestive surgery Dr Chassot Gilles
Digestive surgery Dr Francis Karim
Digestive surgery Dr Gold Benjamin
Digestive surgery Dr Inan Ihsan
Digestive surgery Dr Zurbuchen Philippe
Ear diseases Dr Haenggeli Charles-André
Endocrinology Dr Jaafar Jaafar
Foot and ankle surgery Dr Delmi Marino
Gastroenterology Dr Burgener Dominique
General surgery Dr Ambrosetti Patrick, PD
General surgery Dr Carecchio Anne
General surgery Dr Charbonnet Pierre
General surgery Dr Dao Duc My
General surgery Dr Di Dio Filippo
General surgery Dr Gold Benjamin
General surgery Dr Heinicke Jean-Marc
General surgery Dr Inan Ihsan
General surgery Dr Oulhaci De Saussure Wassila
General surgery Dr Pacetti Graziella
General surgery Dr Stuckelberger Pierre
General surgery Dr Zurbuchen Philippe
Gynecologic surgery Dr Abou Fernandez Magali
Gynecologic surgery Dr Gast Jacques
Gynecologic surgery Dr Jacob Sandrine
Gynecologic surgery Dr Kaelin-Gambirasio Isabelle
Gynecologic surgery Dr Samba Nganga Annie Blandine
Gynecologic surgery Dr Stuckelberger Pierre
Gynecologic surgery Dr Wespi Yves
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Abou Fernandez Magali
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Al Saffar Nashwa
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Almagbaly Usameh
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Ambrosetti Alexandra
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Andrade Patricio
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Antonelli Eric
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Arslanagic Semir
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bandelier Raymond
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Baroz-Mao Wei-Ta
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Beffa Veronique
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bekri Taoufik
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Benchaa Magnin Chahina
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bertoli Angela
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bertossa-Schweizer Pascale
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bianchi Movarekhi Patrizia, PD
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Bourrit Blaise
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Broquet Georges
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Brunelli Roche Anne-Patricia
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr De Dycker Yannick
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Dubouloz Prosper
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Dumps Patrick
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Dupont Patrick
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Erbrich Anne-Catherine
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Esteve Carlos
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Faigaux Roland
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Faltin Daniel
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Farquet Dunon Murielle
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Finci David
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Floris Evelyne
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Fournet Irion Nicole
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Gast Jacques
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Germeau Nathalie
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Girardet Nendaz Geneviève
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Giraud Tatiana
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Godinho Lourenço Ana
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Heymans Philippe
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Hirsbrunner Almagbaly
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Huber Jean-François
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Huttenmoser Jean-Luc
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Ibéchéole Victoria
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Jacob Sandrine
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Jungo Nançoz Carol
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Kaelin-Gambirasio Isabelle
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Kashef Hala
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Khokhlov Sergueï
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Kudla André
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Lahlou Taïma
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Linder Arthur
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Locher Jean
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Luyet Carine
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Luzuy Franck
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Major Attila
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Mathez-Loic Fabien
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Matute Juan Carlos
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Miserez Zaugg Corinne
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Mock Pascal
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Monnier Sindy
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Morales Michel Ange
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Mroue Said
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Pidoux Marie-Josée
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Pirek Miroslav
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Rapin Pierre
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Ribordy Laetitia
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Rombaldi-Jauch Florence
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Samba Nganga Annie Blandine
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Schwartz Delphine
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Valiton-Crusi Antonella
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Vilmin-Dupla Fleur
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Viski Sandor
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Wespi Yves
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Wieser Sibylle
Gynecology - Obstetrics Dr Yousfi Linda
Haematology Dr Mach-Pascual Sara
Haematology Dr Ozsahin Hulya
Hand surgery Dr Parvex Pierre-Olivier
Hand surgery Dr van Aaken Jan
Hip and knee surgery Dr Gambirasio Richard
Infectious disease Dr Dang Thanh
Infectious disease Dr Diana Alessandro
Internal medecine Dr Abdel Sayed Andrew
Internal medecine Dr Bonjour Danièle
Internal medecine Dr Camp Maud
Internal medecine Dr Dang Thanh
Internal medecine Dr Delémont Cécile
Internal medecine Dr Derivaz Mastrogiacomo Sophie
Internal medecine Prof. Gaspoz Jean-Michel
Internal medecine Dr Graz Yohann
Internal medecine Dr Huehn Christophe
Internal medecine Dr Jung Michel
Internal medecine Dr Lambert Véronique
Internal medecine Dr Langenskiöld Elisabeth
Interventional cardiology Dr Bonvini Robert, PD
Interventional cardiology Dr Chappuis François
Interventional cardiology Dr Chatelain Pascal, PD
Interventional cardiology Dr Metzger Jacques T.
Interventional cardiology Dr Perret Xavier
Interventional cardiology Dr Ricou François
Interventional radiology Dr Morère Pierre-Henri
Liver disease Dr Burgener Dominique
Maxillofacial surgery Dr Malis Didier-David
Neonatology Dr Bertrand Raymond
Neonatology Dr Brinon-Lanz Christelle
Neonatology Dr Corajod Jean-Yves
Neonatology Dr Cruzado Dunia
Neonatology Dr Dayer-Zamora Véronique
Neonatology Dr Guinand Stéphane
Neonatology Dr Liberek Vincent
Neonatology Dr Robert Laurent
Neonatology Dr Vandertuin Lynda
Nephrology Dr Jotterand Drepper Valérie
Neuropaediatrics Dr Menache Starobinski Caroline
Neurosurgery Dr Sarrafzadeh Asita, PD
Nose and sinus surgery Prof. Lacroix Jean-Silvain
Nuclear medecine Dr Fréneaux Eric
Nuclear medecine Dr Rager Olivier
Nuclear medecine Dr Steiner Charles
Obesity surgery Dr Chassot Gilles
Oncogenetic Dr Conrad Bernard, PD
Oncology Dr Amram Marie-Laure
Oncology Dr Blaser Samuel
Oncology Dr Nobahar Corke Mahbiz
Oncology Prof. Sappino André-Pascal
Oncology Dr Wälchli Laurent
Ophtalmology Dr Mateo-Montoya Aranzazu
Ophtalmology Dr von Gunten Sylviane
Orthopaedics Dr Delmi Marino
Orthopaedics Dr Gambirasio Richard
Orthopaedics Dr Godinho Eduardo
Orthopaedics Prof. Hoffmeyer Pierre
Orthopaedics Prof. Kaelin André
Orthopaedics Dr Reiland Youri
Orthopaedics Dr van Aaken Jan
Orthopaedics Dr Zürcher Pfund Line
Orthopedic surgery Dr Delmi Marino
Orthopedic surgery Dr Gambirasio Richard
Orthopedic surgery Dr Godinho Eduardo
Orthopedic surgery Prof. Hoffmeyer Pierre
Orthopedic surgery Prof. Kaelin André
Orthopedic surgery Dr Reiland Youri
Orthopedic surgery Dr van Aaken Jan
Osteopathy for babies Ammon-Chansel Laetitia
Osteopathy for babies Prof. Kaelin André
Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) Dr Berthier Jacques
Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) Dr Haenggeli Charles-André
Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) Prof. Lacroix Jean-Silvain
Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) Dr Malis Didier-David
Paediatric cardiology Dr Tissot Cécile
Paediatric gastroenterology Dr Garzoni Luca
Paediatric gastroenterology Dr Tempia Michela
Paediatric radiology Dr Ferey Solène
Paediatric radiology Dr Spadola Luca
Paediatric surgery Dr Bugmann Philippe
Paediatric surgery Dr Centeno Wolf Noemi
Pediatric orthopedic surgery Dr Zürcher Pfund Line
Pediatrics Dr Aeschbach Bolzani Virginie
Pediatrics Dr de Sousa Rodrigo
Pediatrics Dr Diana Alessandro
Pediatrics Dr Haeberli Bazarbachi Dania
Pediatrics Dr Llobet Laura
Pediatrics Dr Mapelli Elisa
Pediatrics Dr Robert Laurent
Pediatrics Dr Wiener Suzanne
Pediatrics orthopedics Prof. Kaelin André
Pelvic floor surgery Dr Deléaval Patrick Jeff
Pelvic floor surgery Dr Faltin Daniel
Pelvic floor surgery Dr Jacob Sandrine
Pelvic floor surgery Dr Kaelin-Gambirasio Isabelle
Pelvic floor surgery Prof. Roche Bruno
Pelvic floor surgery Dr Stuckelberger Pierre
Physiotherapy Boros Pierre
Physiotherapy Dayen Maxime
Physiotherapy Schnell-Gautschi Françoise
Physiotherapy Selz Tatiana
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr Amico Andrea
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr Cheretakis Alexandre
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr Parvex Pierre-Olivier
Plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr Schaepkens van Riempst Julie
Prenatal and gynecological ultrasound Dr Bisch Christian
Prenatal and gynecological ultrasound Dr Eperon Isabelle
Prenatal and gynecological ultrasound Dr Extermann Philippe
Proctologic surgery Dr Deléaval Patrick Jeff
Proctologic surgery Prof. Roche Bruno
Proctology Dr Deléaval Patrick Jeff
Proctology Prof. Roche Bruno
Psychiatry and psychotherapy Dr Girard Elodie
Psychiatry and psychotherapy Dr Laurent Olivia
Pulmonology Dr Favre Laurent
Pulmonology Dr Grandin Stéphane
Pulmonology Dr Langenskiöld Elisabeth
Radiology Dr Copercini Michele
Radiology Dr Djema Dahila Amal
Radiology Dr Fassa-Ashrafpoor Golmehr
Radiology Dr Grangier Christian
Radiology Dr Hauser Matthias
Radiology Dr Hervier Jean-Louis
Radiology Dr Howarth Nigel
Radiology Dr Kinkel Karen, PD
Radiology Dr Scott Elsabe
Radiology Dr Vives Philippe
Radiotherapy Dr Péguret Nicolas
Rhythmology Dr Metzger Jacques T.
Rhythmology Dr Senouf David
Robotic surgery Dr Gast Jacques
Robotic surgery Dr Jacob Sandrine
Robotic surgery Dr Mayer Frank
Robotic surgery Dr Schmidlin Franz, PD
Robotic surgery Dr Stuckelberger Pierre
Spine disorders Prof. Kaelin André
Surgery of shoulder and elbow Dr Reiland Youri
Thoracic surgery Prof. Robert John
Thoracic surgery Prof. Spiliopoulos Anastase
Urologic surgery Dr Mayer Frank
Urologic surgery Dr Saldarriaga José
Urologic surgery Dr Schmidlin Franz, PD
Urologic surgery Dr Tran Sao-Nam
Urology Dr de Gorski Arachk
Urology Dr Mayer Frank
Urology Dr Saldarriaga José
Urology Dr Schmidlin Franz, PD
Urology Dr Tran Sao-Nam
Vascular and endovascular surgery Dr Holzer Thomas
Vascular and endovascular surgery Dr Khatchatourov Gregory
Visceral surgery Dr Chassot Gilles
Visceral surgery Dr Gold Benjamin
Visceral surgery Dr Inan Ihsan