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Adult emergencies
Adult emergencies
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Paediatric emergencies
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Your stay for surgery

When you come to the Clinique des Grangettes for a surgical procedure, we will do all we can to provide you with the most pleasant conditions to help give you comfort and confidence. 

Checking in

When you come to the reception at the scheduled date and time, our welcome staff will be on hand to receive you and handle any last-minute formalities, if needed. You will then be taken to your room by a staff member.

Before the operation

The care personnel will inform you of all the necessary steps to make sure you are fully prepared for the intervention. The date and time of your operation will be communicated ahead of time, and the necessary exams (radiographies, laboratories, etc.), will be carried out in time.  You will also be contacted by your anaesthetist, who will, if necessary, prescribe some pre-medication in order to help with any possible anxiety you might have.

On the day of your operation, a nurse will come to assist with your preparation (washing with disinfectant soap, putting on a hospital gown, etc.). Your blood pressure, pulse and temperature will be checked as well.  

The operation

A medical team designated especially for your case will be in charge of you and take excellent care of you. An anaesthesia care team will be on-hand to monitor you throughout the entire procedure, regardless of the type of anaesthesia you will be receiving. Their job is to check the state of your health at all times.

After the operation

Depending on the operation, you will wake up in the recovery room or in the normal care section. You will be immediately taken in charge by a caregiver, who will be at your disposal for any needs. You may feel some post-operative discomfort. Do not hesitate to inform the nurses, who will then do their best to mitigate the pain. Your anaesthetist can then prescribe pain medication adapted to your condition.

You and your family will be informed of how the operation went as soon as possible and of the next steps in your treatment.

Your stay

The Clinique des Grangettes does its very best to make sure your recovery is as pleasant as possible. During your stay, you will enjoy individualised care, appropriate monitoring and regular controls. Your nurse will always explain the various procedures and medication being dispensed.


You can leave the clinic on the date determined by your doctor and following a decision on further treatment.  On the day of your departure, make sure you do not forget anything in your room. For your safety, we recommend that a friend or relative come pick you up.