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Adult emergencies
Adult emergencies
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Paediatric emergencies
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Your stay at the maternity ward

The birth of a child is always an exceptional moment in life. Good preparation is key to a serene delivery, and the Grangettes staff is there to support you in the process. 

Visiting the clinic

To get to know our establishment better, we have organised a visiting service. If you wish to take part in a visit, please register at our reception. We will be happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Packing your suitcase

Do not forget to pack the following: a nightgown, a bathrobe, your toiletry bag, your blood group information, the documents necessary for a birth announcement. For your child: a cotton shirt, a pair of shoes or socks, a jump suit or pajama, a bonnet, woolies, or a baby sleeping bag.

Checking into the clinic

Once your baby makes its intention known of seeing the world outside (contractions, waters breaking, bleeding, etc.), please call the clinic and ask for the delivery room.  A midwife will give you the information you need and contact your gynecologist. After receiving your instructions, please go to the reception/welcome desk.

The birth

You will be in the care of the same midwife who worked with you at the Clinique until then. She will be responsible for the initial examination and for monitoring your uterine contractions before accompanying you to the delivery room when the time comes.

Your baby

After delivery, you will participate personally in the care and baths of your baby, which will help establish a special relationship with your baby right from the start.  Fathers are welcome naturally. You may keep your child in your room – with the approval of your paediatrician – or put him or her in care of the nursery, where it will be watched by qualified nurses.

The baby's food

Our wish is to help you and your baby be content, whatever the nutrition you have chosen for your child. A specialised caregiver will be at your disposal to help you and provide advice for the duration of your stay and for when you return home.

Announcing the birth

The administration of the Clinique is obliged to note the birth of your child in the civil registry. Please provide us with the necessary documents right after the birth.