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Les Grangettes maternity ward provides personalised care

With nearly 900 births per year, the maternity ward of Les Grangettes is one of the largest private maternity wards in Switzerland. However, it does not rest on its laurels; an innovative new organisation of care teams and the opening of new parental rooms occurred in 2016.
The goal? To offer a special level of support and welcome to mothers-to-be throughout their stay.

New parental rooms
These spacious, bright and contemporary rooms have a high standard hotel-type service, a summer lounge and a view of the clinic’s wooded park.
Each room has a private baby corner allowing mothers to provide care or bathe their child in an intimate setting. They have been specially furnished with a double bed allowing the father, if he wishes, to stay in the maternity ward with a high level of comfort.
In parallel with its reception centres, the maternity ward of the clinic also has a team of stewards whose role is to offer a real hotel service. For example: room service, maid service, meals served at the table for young parents or even special menus will be offered.
The teams thus add value to the stay of the mothers and their accompanying person in a discreet and professional manner.

Supervisory staff and goodwill
The stay in the maternity ward is an essential period where listening, coaching and communication are the keywords in supporting women in becoming mothers and promoting the mother-child relationship. During these days, the medical care of the mother and child is complemented by special support from the nursing teams.
It is at this moment that the first bonds are established and the first learning takes place. A single privileged contact person cares for mother and baby by adapting to their respective rhythms.
The Grangettes maternity ward is also characterised by a strong set of values. These ethics of support for families and patients has its roots in a long tradition. “The philosophy of our institution is embodied in our attention to detail,” stresses Gilles Rufenacht, general manager of the clinic.
From this perspective, all staff take the time to advise and reassure parents in this delicate period after the birth of the baby. Young mothers can provide the primary care for their baby, either in a room or in a nursery. Some women prefer to be able to sleep after childbirth, while others have the desire to spend as much time as possible with their new-born: “We respect the choice of each mother and in any case we offer an adapted nursery service”. Fathers of course have their place in this overall care and also learn to take care of the baby. For example, some take the time to carry their child against their skin for a long period: this precious intimate moment builds the emotional bond between child and father.

A complete offer during your stay

“Posture and perineum” courses run by physiotherapists are offered to all young mothers in the Grangettes maternity ward. Mothers’ discussion groups are also set up for all those who have just given birth. This time is very much appreciated. A professional answers all questions and participants can exchange their experiences in confidence.

Birth preparation classes

At the weekend or during the week, the Clinique des Grangettes offers several courses in English or French as part of the birth preparation. Couples are also welcome.