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Dietary regimens and micronutrition centre

Nutrition is important to a large number of patients. The consultants in dietary and micro-nutritional matters at the Clinique work together with all of the medical specialists.  They offer complementary programmes for the medical treatments.

A personalised examination

The dietary and micronutrition section offers advice on nutrition and specialised dietary regimens as part of medical convalescence or on referral. It can provide a personalised programme, as the service cooperates with many other centres and services at the Grangettes.

Designing a balanced diet is crucial for cardio-vascular problems or when surgically treating obesity (gastric bypass procedure). Our dietician will therefore accompany patients before, during and after treatment and prepare their realimentation course for a period of two years. Other surgical procedures can be accompanied by renutrition and restoration of physical form.

Weight issues are a major aspect of the dietary treatment, though nutritional education can be applied to a variety of circumstances. The clinic organises sessions to restore physical fitness after delivery, but also consultations for women wanting to have children. Cancer patients also require nutritional care during and after oncological treatment.

Paediatric examinations provide children with nutritional education as of a young age. This helps reinforce their immune system or manage digestive problems, allergies, deficiencies, or sleep problems.

Micronutrition: complete dietary care

Our dietician is a specialist in micronutrition and offers support based on an holistic vision of the individual. The micronutritional exam identifies “functional warning signals” (sleep, digestion, lifestyle), tracks the metabolic state of the individual, and seeks what is hindering him or her from leading an fulfilling life. Dietary management is then considered as an option. Thanks to supplements, nutritional support and a schedule of athletic or physical activities, the patient can then reinforce his or her dietary foundation.