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Adult emergencies
Adult emergencies
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Paediatric emergencies
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Photo: Fausto Pluchinotta, clinique des Grangettes, Genève

A complete radiological centre

The institute of radiology at the Clinique des Grangettes boasts the most recent infrastructure. It allows all the necessary examinations in order to come up with a valid diagnosis.

A complete radiological centre

The Clinique des Grangettes has an institute for adult radiology that meets all radiology requirements. Procedures are handled by eminent physicians, FMH specialists, as well as excellent staff.

The conventional radiology unit, with mammography system, an X-ray computed tomographic scanner and five ultrasound machines, is now supported by a complete technological platform consisting of a 3T MRI and a latest generation helical MDTC scanner. These equipements are updated regularly to be at the forefront of the latest innovation.

Given this technical infrastructure, the institute of radiology can ensure excellent care of the Clinique's patients.

The attending physician, or other specialist consulted by the patient, has immediate access to examination results via the web platform dedicated to the visualization of images.

The Institute of Adult Radiology is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm
and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.
Appointments can be made Monday to Saturday inclusive: +41 22 349 23 33

All examinations carried out within our Institute of Radiology are covered by the basic insurance.

Finding a specialist : Institute for adult radiology
= Medical practitioners at the Clinique des Grangettes
Family name and first name Medical specialities
Dr Copercini Michele Radiology
Dr Djema Dahila Amal Radiology
Dr Fassa-Ashrafpoor Golmehr Cardiac imaging
Dr Grangier Christian Radiology
Dr Hauser Matthias Radiology
Dr Hervier Jean-Louis Radiology
Dr Howarth Nigel Radiology
Dr Kinkel Karen, PD Radiology
Dr Scott Elsabe Radiology
Dr Vives Philippe Radiology