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Adult emergencies
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Paediatric emergencies
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Photo: Fausto Pluchinotta, clinique des Grangettes, Genève

Care for the newborn

The neonatology service at the Clinique des Grangettes has a long and proud tradition. It is one of the most important in Switzerland and concentrates on care given to babies from their first moments of birth.

Tradition and technology

Babies who are born on time or slightly early stay with our neonatology service for a few days following birth, where they are under the supervision of their certified paediatrician or the service paediatrician.

Paediatricians will examine the child for a period of 24 hours following delivery. This is a decisive period for the health of the child. Sometimes these newborn babies require check-ups or special care (like blood-work, imaging, incubators, oxygen, phototherapy, or other procedures) before being sent home. Our specialists can therefore make sure that the new child and his or her parents are ready from a medical and psycho-affective standpoint.  The neonatology service at the Clinique des Grangettes boasts a long tradition of excellence in child care and uses the latest innovations in technology and hospital care.


Finding a specialist : Neonatology
= Medical practitioners at the Clinique des Grangettes
Family name and first name Medical specialities
Dr Bertrand Raymond Neonatology
Dr Brinon-Lanz Christelle Neonatology
Dr Corajod Jean-Yves Neonatology
Dr Cruzado Dunia Neonatology
Dr Dayer-Zamora Véronique Neonatology
Dr Guinand Stéphane Neonatology
Dr Liberek Vincent Neonatology
Dr Robert Laurent Neonatology
Dr Vandertuin Lynda Neonatology