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Adult emergencies
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Paediatric emergencies
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Photo: Fausto Pluchinotta, clinique des Grangettes, Genève


Thanks to anaesthesia, operations can be performed without pain and without anxiety, and it also hinders post-operative pain.

A multidisciplinary specialisation

Patients having a surgical procedure performed at the Clinique will benefit from the personalised care of an anaesthetist. The anaesthesia is administered securely thanks to clinical monitoring, state-of-the-art devices, and the presence of professionals, who keep track of vital signs. Systematic pre-operative examinations are used to assess any co-morbidities and give the patient all the information necessary regarding per-operative care. Post-operative care and reanimation are also guaranteed.

Anaesthesia is a cross-disciplinary activity at the Clinique: our specialists work with all the surgical services as well as with our emergency services for adults and children to dispense various types of anaesthesia, general and local-regional. They also handle obstetrical analgesics (epidurals).

Our anaesthetists have the most modern materials at their disposal in the operating theatre, in the recovery room, for follow-up care and in the delivery room.


Finding a specialist : Anaesthesiology
= Medical practitioners at the Clinique des Grangettes
Family name and first name Medical specialities
Dr Aldenkortt Marc Anaesthesiology
Dr Cartier Faessler Vanessa Anaesthesiology
Dr Chassot Di Dio Véronique Anaesthesiology
Dr Höhn Laurent Anaesthesiology
Dr Inan Cigdem Anaesthesiology
Dr Limacher Stern Florence Anaesthesiology
Dr Nanan-Jequier Sheila Anaesthesiology
Dr Pannatier Michel Anaesthesiology
Dr Parisod Eric Anaesthesiology
Dr Praplan Jacqueline Anaesthesiology