Institute for Paediatric Radiology

The Institute for Paediatric Radiology opened in 2009 and is run by two paediatric radiologists, specialists certified by the Swiss Medical Association. They are supported by a team of committed collaborators, all of whom are attentive to the needs of the Institute’s very young patients.

The Institute’s technical infrastructure is unique compared to other private hospitals in that it maintains the following services in one location: a complete radiology department including a remote control and digitalised radioscopy room, a bone room, an

ultrasound and a 1.5—Tesla MRI as well as an anaesthesia prep room.

This one site manages all radiology work, both for emergencies and regular appointments. Open to all patients, no matter their level of insurance coverage, the Institute for Paediatric Radiology is committed to high-quality service and care, seven days a week: M-F from 9h00 to 22h00, and holidays and weekends from 10h00 to 22h00