Which rates for what kind of care?


At the Clinique des Grangettes, every ambulatory consultation or treatment is charged at a basic Swiss insurance rate. It is therefore not necessary to have a complementary insurance for ambulatory consultations.




The situation is different in regards to hospitalisation. The actual cost of care is virtually identical in the private or public system.

The basic insurance, however, pays only about 30 percent of total hospital costs. In the public sector, the balance (or the rest of the actual bill) is covered by state subsidies.

A Swiss private hospital receives no state subsidy, and patient pays the costs for hospitalization.

Supplementary insurance - paid by patients - replace state subsidies and cover the difference between the share paid by the basic insurance and the actual total cost of care.

Our Relationship with the Swiss Health Insurers

If you are in receipt of private supplemental insurance or semi-private and if your insurer has an agreement with us, they should send to us a guarantee that your costs will be covered before your stay.

We must, however, point out that some insurers do not issue this particular letter automatically, and it should be insisted upon in that case.

In all cases, you are entitled to a minimum standard of care, and your insurer should provide you with a certificate that clearly states what type of coverage you can expect.

In the absence of insurance documents it is customary to ask for a deposit before your stay in the Clinique.

Should you have further questions about the benefits of private hospitals?

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