Giving birth in happiness and safety

accompanied by the same midwife throughout their pregnancy, which makes them feel at ease and in a situation of trust. «We always experience very intense moments with these women,» says Dominique Aoun, one of the clinic's midwives. We never get used to seeing a baby being born. It's a very moving moment! And if we happen to encounter a mother at some later date, for another pregnancy, it's not just a great pleasure, but there is definitely a feeling of complicity.

The midwife is always attentive and will respond to the various needs and requests of the parturient patient. «The women are often worried, especially during their first birth; it's quite normal,» says Dominique Aoun. «The best way to reassure them is to explain everything we are doing and to involve them in the different stages of the delivery. That way they know that everything is going well. Or, if need be, that everything is ready in case some problem should occur.»

There can be no doubt that future mothers are in good hands with these professionals of birth, who know their job so well that they are even able to foresee the precise time the baby will be arriving... Which allows family and relatives, notably the dads, to be present at the right time...Grangettes

The midwife works alongside the gynaecologist to ensure
that the birth process takes place smoothly while respecting
the intimacy of the future parents.

Giving birth in happiness and safety


he birth of a child is filled with magic and emotions that we are quite familiar with at the Grangettes, where about 1,000 babies are born each year. In order to receive them, the clinic disposes of four birthing rooms that are very light. They feature a very discrete medical infrastructure geared towards respecting the intimacy of the future parents and yet guaranteeing safe care.

Midwives play a crucial part during the birthing process. They are the ones who take the parturient patient in charge on her arrival at the clinic and who accompany her until

delivery of the baby. During this time, they support the various medical actions in collaboration with the gynaecologist and the patient without neglecting the relationship-building aspect, which is crucial.

We always experience very intense moments

Besides, at the Grangettes, women giving birth are