A Health Service for Expatriates

explains Gilles Rufenacht, Director of the Clinique.

«We have concluded partnerships with the International Organisations»

«We have partnerships with all the international agencies in Geneva, and we offer preferential terms as well as administrative facilities to all their insured staff members», adds the Rufenacht. Entirely free, this service is available to all expatriates and others in the international agencies, including those living in neighbouring France and the canton Vaud. To find help or to receive aid, just send an email to the Clinique via its website, or telephone us directly. «We have to be very reactive», insists Rufenacht. «If someone contacts us urgently for the address of a paediatrician, we don’t want them waiting long for a reply.» The Clinique can work with a wide range of languages through its network of interpreters.

We assure expatriates will be supported to the upmost when it comes to their medical needs.Grangettes

The Clinique des Grangettes responds to all the health requests
and needs of expatriates.

A Health Service for Expatriates


They come from all corners of the world, some with the French language under their belt, while for others it is the first time living overseas. The number of expatriates in the Suisse Romand is estimated at around 100,000, relocated here by their firm or with an international agency.

Many expatriates encounter daily numerous organisational difficulties, particularly in the area of health. The Clinique des Grangettes has created a service to assist this

community, such as providing contacts to doctors, hospitalisation or simply providing administrative information.

«The information generally supplied to local expatriates has many gaps. We provide a service to fill this gap, specially designed to respond to all kinds of requests concerning their health and that of their family, whether it is to orient patients to a specialist, organise a medical appointment, or put in place home treat treatments»,

Marianne Girard